Redwood Brew Supply A-2 First Impressions

Should be ok after that.

Already gone through a keg with it and no issues. Tower is insulated to keep temperatures low from keg to faucet. I work in the beer industry and I'm going to say this kegerator is on point. My only problem now is the keg is may! Other than that, comes With everything you need minus the gas and beer. Paintball places are also a good place to look. Doesn't apply to Heineken or Newcastle kegs as they're pre-gassed.

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Redwood Brew Supply A-2 Final Thoughts

Works well as described.

It gets colder than a lot of other residential kegerators I have looked at. People having bad experiences must have just stuck with a lemon. Fridge easily fits two 20L kegs or 1 30-50L. I am finally pleased with my purchase. Thankfully, they put a couple extra in there. I find myself drinking more and inviting friends over more. Product arrived with a damaged interior door.

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  • Redwood Brew Supply A-2 Features & Specs
  • MAINTAINS ICY COLD BEER TOWERS: Upgrade your beer dispenser with this simple to use Neoprene kegerator tower insulation sleeve. Ensure that every pour from your draft beer tower comes out icy cold. Even the first!
  • END FOAM NOW: Maintain a constant temperature throughout your kegerator system with a Keg Tower Insulator. Beer warms rapidly as it travels through a poorly insulated beer tower. Our product reduces foamy pours and wasted beer.
  • SAVE ELECTRICITY WITH LITTLE EFFORT: The added insulation of a Keg Tower Insulator will reduce kegerator energy consumption. Unlike kegerator tower cooler chiller fans, our product takes only seconds to install.
  • MINIMIZE CONDENSATION: Kegerator towers sweat. Condensation buildup is a sign of poor insulation and will lead to corrosion and rust. Increase the lifetime of your kegerator with a beer tower cover.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL AND BUILD: Crafted from high quality Neoprene with heavy-duty double stitching. Easy to clean and guaranteed to last. 3” Diameter and 11.5” Height. Ideal for double tap beer towers.
  • Sturdy velcro for easy application and removal
  • Extremely durable & made to last
  • Easy to clean
  • Manufacture: Redwood Brew Supply
  • Item Weight: 3 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 11.5 x 3 x 0.5 inches

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