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I replaced a Mr.

If you are an iced-tea drinker- this is a must-have. I had one of these years ago and not sure why I stopped using it. To use this machine, add water to the large pitcher. , but I still haven't encountered a better ice tea maker. We set the pitcher down too hard on the table and cracked it. Put the top on the basket and brew your tea. This is a great pitcher for cold beverages.

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Easy to use.

I wish the water reservoir was steel or glass. If you are careful, you will LOVE the speed and convenience of this Tea Maker! Add just enough hot water out of your tap to liquefy the sugar. I estimate the pitcher holds the equivalent of 6-7 venti-sized iced teas. Having this machine is wonderful if you like to make your own iced tea. So he is using it a lot and it is working beautifully. If you are an iced-tea drinker- this is a must-have.

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  • ✅ FEEL ENERGIZED WITH NITRO BREW COFFEE prepared in a breeze by this compact 1-pint aluminum cold coffee brew system, which will treat you to a velvety consistency coffee glass in the comfort of your home.
  • (x1) Premium Dispenser - This high-quality, stainless steel dispenser is designed to hold 1pint of liquid and produces the most amazingly perfect Nitro infused beverage.
  • ✅ PREPARE A REFRESHING CUP RIGHT AWAY: Freshen-up with a deliciously smooth Nitro Coffee or beer! Find in our kit 10xN2 cartridges, 1xN2 tip pack and the whip cream dispenser tips you need and get started!
  • ✅ ENJOY A DIVINE COFFEE CUP: Infuse your cold brew coffee to give it a richer, fuller texture with a cascading crema effect. Our premium materials guarantee that your coffee will have not a speck of metal flavor.
  • ✅ STICK WITH YOUR HEALTHY DIET: Save yourself the unnecessary calories of added milk to your coffee. Embark on a unique gourmet experience with heavenly, nitrogen-infused coffee prepared easily and in no time!
  • Manufacture: Best Whip

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