Kegco BF STCK-NT First Impressions

It fits the purpose.

This is a great product as far as function. Fresh, super cold, right-from-the-tap beer anytime I want it! I would recommend watching as many YouTube videos you can about the assembly. This is probably one of my favorite Amazon buys ever! My family and friends and I love this purchase! Also, don't be gentle with your tightening of fittings. People having bad experiences must have just stuck with a lemon.

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Kegco BF STCK-NT Final Thoughts

Great buy.

I bought this kegerator because it was one of the highest rated. Also, Do not remove the duck bill from the CO2 line input! Make sure you find a company that sells c02 if you plan to have it ready for a date. Too heavy and large to return so we contacted mfg regarding just replacing door. It has one of the widest temperature ranges for kegerators. This Unit Was just about everything I expected, it works great! Gasket didn't want to work where the unit connects to the keg.

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  • Kegco BF STCK-NT Features & Specs
  • PRO SERIES DUAL GAUGE REGULATOR: Easily measure PSI and Co2 volume and adjust Co2 output pressure using this Kegco 542 Pro Series Double Gauge Regulator packed with premium features. The top gauge indicates output pressure, while the side gauge tells you what's left in the Co2 tank, so you don't run out of gas during a party. The Standard plated brass body has a large pressure adjustment knob for easy use and includes a manual pressure release valve.
  • LEVER HANDLE KEG COUPLER: This NSF-approved Kegco KT85D-L D System Keg Coupler features a sturdy nickel-plated forged brass body with a stainless steel probe, and is designed for use with all domestic brand American D system Sankey kegs. The lever-handle design is easy to use - simply pull out and then down on the handle to couple the keg. A 55-psi pressure relief valve makes this coupler even more convenient to use, allowing over-pressurized gas to escape before it enters your keg.
  • SINGLE FAUCET DRAFT BEER TOWER: Featuring a beautiful Standard-plated metal finish and a matching Standard-plated faucet with metal lever, this 3" diameter air-cooled Kegco D4743T draft beer tower is the same stylish tower used on most commercial grade kegerators. This tower conveniently includes 5 feet of clear beer tubing ending in a nozzle and hex nut assembly for quick connection to all standard keg couplers, as well as a gasket and for screws for easy mounting.
  • STANDARD METAL BEER FAUCET WRENCH: This beer faucet spanner wrench is an essential tool that allows you to quickly and confidently loosen or tighten shank collars without scratching your faucets. This wrench has been built to last with a rugged all-metal construction and a convenient 5-1/4" length.
  • INCLUDES DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS: This kegerator conversion kit comes with easy-to-follow directions and all of the high-quality draft dispense components you'll need to quickly and easily convert your refrigerator into a high-performance draft beer dispenser
  • Manufacture: Kegco
  • Item Weight: 10 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 18 x 10 x 10 inches

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