Igloo ICEBNH26SS First Impressions

- Only uses 1.

I spent a couple weeks looking at ice makers. Even with the price, I have to give this 5 out of 5. The second unit arrived and we setup according to the instructions. Maintenance is weekly descaling with vinegar or a product GE makes for that purpose. I was pleased to see it does indeed have quite larger of a basket. I accessed the motor and lubed the rubber gasket with some white lithium grease. They literally sell bags of their ice and we bought ice there for years.

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Igloo ICEBNH26SS Final Thoughts

It dis without a hitch.

This is a good choice for skipping the run to the grocery store for a bag of ice. I tried to store it in the freezer but it just does work. It has way of making small or large Ice. It makes perfect nugget ice and quickly too! Also, the ice maker isn't obnoxiously loud. Let me do a cliffs notes then ill elaborate. Even with the price, I have to give this 5 out of 5.

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  • Igloo ICEBNH26SS Features & Specs
  • DESIGNED FOR CONVENIENCE: Convenient and compact in size, this ice maker looks good on a countertop while producing ice for whenever or wherever you need it
  • LARGE ICE-MAKING CAPACITY: Keep the 2-quart water tank filled and this unit will produce 26 pounds of ice in a 24 hour period - enough to keep drinks cold all day long
  • SELF-CLEANING: Automatic five-cycle cleaning function makes clean up easy and effortless, allowing for cleaner ice every time
  • ICE BASKET CAPACITY: Stores up to 1.25 pounds of ice at a time so you can keep your drinks ice-cold!
  • QUICK-FREEZING ICE: Makes 9 small or large cylinder-shaped ice cubes in as little as 7 minutes
  • CONTROL PANEL: Simple to understand and illuminated with LED lights, the electronic control panel lets you know when you need to add water, when the ice basket is full and allows you to choose the size of the ice cubes
  • TRANSPARENT LID: Large clear lid allows for easy viewing of ice cube capacity
  • Part Number: ICEBNH26SS
  • Item Weight: 14.25 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 12.2 x 9.06 x 12.8 inches
  • Batteries Required?: No

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