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Vista L5 Controls Multi-Media Experience

A Jands Vista L5 media and lighting control console, running the latest Vista v2 software, was used by designer Geoffrey Platt to help deliver US telecoms company 5LINX Enterprises’ corporate vision to over 8,000 sales delegates. Geoff, of Atlanta based Production People Inc. (PPi), used the Vista L5 with another of the family, a Vista […]

HSL Lights Liverpool 08 Opening

Photos from Flickr – see more >> At ‘The People’s Opening’, in Liverpool, Stephen Page of DBN Lighting controlled the main stage with a Vista T2 while Rob Sinclair used his new suitcase-sized S1 for the CBS broadcast of their ‘Good Morning America’ programme. From etnow.com News HSL supplied all lighting equipment including over 200 […]

New York Musical Theatre Festival

Vista S3 and WYSIWYG join LD Glen Hunter for The Good Fight in New York. The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) is one of the most prestigious theatre schools in the country, and was recently selected to tour The Good Fight at the 2007 New York Musical Theatre Festival. Written by Nick Enright […]

Church in America’s Heartland

Excerpt With Heartland’s track record of “changing things up,” the auditorium’s lighting configuration both reflects and enables their innovative style. A favorite among Heartland’s technical team is Jands’ Vista lighting console platform. According to Hayes, a huge advantage is the console’s operating environment, designed around a timeline concept as found in a video editing system, […]

Westover Church prepares for ‘dynamic worship ’

Excerpt Fronted by a Jands Vista T4 lighting console and a High End Systems CatalystMedia Server, 384 ETC Sensor dimmers (82 designated for house lights) control Vari-Lite moving lights, Source Four ellipsoidals, Robert Juliat follow spots, and much more. “We have a fairly heavy programming aspect to things,” explains Jeff Neubauer, production director of light […]

Church Production – Jeremy Camp

Excerpt Another new product that I’m excited about is the Jands Vista lighting console. It brings the time-line-based video-editing paradigm into the lighting world, enabling an entirely new (and intuitive) way to think about programming both theatrical and moving lights. You can read more about this console in Greg Persinger’s product review on page 92, […]

L & S America – Rob Halliday reviews Vista

Writing in the February 2005 edition of Lighting and Sound America, Rob Halliday reviewed a beta version of Vista “Once in a very rare while, a thoroughly remarkable product comes along, a product that changes not only the way you do your job, but your whole approach to that job. The first thyristor dimmers must […]

Total Production US

In his column, The Visualist, Robert Mokry writes: “It would seem like every approach to lighting control had to have been tried already. But then a new product comes out that makes you say “why didn’t someone think of that way sooner?”.

Viva La Vista!: Jands Vista Console

Lighting Dimensions reviews the Jands Vista console. Wherever the Vista has been shown to end users, there have been enthusiastic comments regarding its ease of use and simplicity of operation. One world-renowned British lighting designer, consultant, and sometime console designer said, ‚ “That’s the way it should be done. I don’t understand why someone hasn’t […]